Eighth European Film Festival [Archives:2004/798/Community]

December 13 2004

Aden Bureau
The Eighth European Film Festival currently held in Aden will be concluded on Tuesday Dec. The festival was organized by the German Consulate and the German Cultural Center at the headquarter of the German Consulate in Khur Maksar.
The festival started with viewing the Dutch Film “Young Kees” by Andre Van Duren and the Czech “The Rebels” by Filip Renc. Afterwards, the French Film “To remember the beautiful things” by Zabou Breitman and the German “Good Bye Linin” by Wolfgang Becker” followed by the British Film “Touching the void” by Kevin MacDonald were also viewed one by one every day. Another films that were displayed were the Italian “Rane e Tulip” by Silvio Soldini and the Polish ” Onwards and backwards” The concluding day will see viewing the Turkish Film ” Dar alada kisa paslasmalar” by Serdar Akar.
The organizers stated that a huge number of spectators came to watch the films for free.
Such events contribute to creating a useful impression about the culture of other nations, particularly, the European ones and deepening the ties between the Arab and European nations.