Electricity situation discussed [Archives:2003/628/Local News]

March 24 2003

ADEN)The third meeting for General Electricity Corporation in Yemen concluded on March 15.
Participants recommended on reducing the indebtedness of the consumers from 5 months in 2001 to 3 months.
The electricity arrears were reduced from YR. 1.275.01 at the end of 2001 to YR. 1.029. 97 during the end of 2002.
The monthly average sales increased to YR. 2.128 million in 2001.
While the collection percentage increased from 19.9 percent in 2001 to 104 percent in 2002.
In addition to this, the payables reached YR 3.261.73 million and that the government support in this regard has reached YR. 4 billion.
The consumption subscribers rates have been ranging from 215 kilo watt-hour in 2001 to 222 kilo watt in 2002.
The final session was headed by Yahya al-Abydh, Minister of Electricity and Water and attended by Abdualaziz Mohammed Ahmed, General Manager the General Electricity Corporation in Aden, as well as district managers, electricians and technicians.
Participants started discussing joint cost papers.
They confirmed that the speeches of the electricity and waters minister, the Aden governor deputy assistant and the general manager of general electricity corporation should be one of the important documents to be taken into consideration
The participants expressed their appreciation for Aden City represented by its governor and its leaderships, member of the local council for their patronage for holding this meeting in Aden.
In addition to this, participants thanked Aden University represented by its Reactor, Dr. Saleh Basara, for hosting the meeting and offering all facilities to make this meeting a great success.
Participants from Aden University also took part in the meeting with important worthy and efficient working papers that would be of great significance for the benefit of the General Electricity Corporation's activities.
The participants recommended organizing the next meeting in another governornate.
In the meeting, a number of working papers were discussed, out of which a working paper was presented about the central operations chamber activities regarding improving the electricity network and reducing electricity loss during transmission.