Emirates marked Zaid Throne Day and 47 years of development [Archives:2003/657/Community]

August 7 2003

By Yasser al-Mayasi
Yemen Times Staff

Emirates people celebrated on Wednesday 6 August 2003 the 47th anniversary on the occasion of throne day when Sheik Zaid Bin Sultan assumed power and the journey of prosperity had begun and new stage of development and progress had started.
Since Sheik Zaid Bin Sultan Al Nahian reigned UAE, the country has taken big steps in development process and achieved tangible progress.
Sheik Zaid has ruled Abu Dhabi since August 1966 and has a major role in declaring the union of the United Arab Emirates on 2 December 1971. Thus, Emirates have locally witnessed modern economic transitions and dramatic development.
Yemen has a strong brotherly relation with Emirates that represents in the continuous support that Sheik Zaid has given to push Yemen development wheel such as supporting the building of Marib Dam that cost $105 million in its first phase.