Endless Nightmare [Archives:2005/877/Community]

September 15 2005

By Fuad Noman
[email protected]

At the midnights

In my cold bed-room

The hands of ghost weave my black dress

Of Tomorrow's Games

On my empty bookshelf

The candle stands to dance with my soul's flames

Faintly, the wrinkles of walls narrate the ancient tales,

The tales of Love and Peace

Always, before sinking into sleep soundly..

An ill-boding wolf howls and puffs the depressing clouds

To bake my bread


From South to North

I move restlessly on my feeble bed

In my ears,

The voice of Night releases the longing sighs

In my eyes,

The Sea Lion's tears rinse the crystals of Mars!

In my blood,

The seed of Freedom sinks and dies

On my skin,

The colors of my flag vaporize

Between my lips,

The bird of Faithful words flies

The bulky nails of a Nightmare smash the window of my dreams

letting scary snakes pass offering me a poisonous cup

to celebrate and cheer up

With Happy New Dose