Energy Group’s Graduation ProjectRenewable energy [Archives:2003/636/Community]

May 12 2003

A scientific seminar on 'Renewable Energy as a substitute for Conventional Energy' will be held on 25 May by Energy Group; a group of students of Media college, level 4, Public Relations section, Sana'a University.
This seminar, which is part of the group's graduation project, will be attended by Dr. Yahya Al-Shua'ibi; Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Dr. Mustafa Buhran; the President advisor for Science and Technology, and will be participated by Solar Energy Center; Science and Technology University, General Corporation for Cable & Wireless Communications; Ministry of Electricity, General authority for Environment Protection, and Technological Equipment Center.
Energy group will also prepare a television report about the importance of renewable energy as an alternative to conventional energy in Yemen with examples from real life.
Part of the group's graduation project is holding an exhibition which will demonstrate solar and wind energy applications. In addition, the group is about to issue a colored book explaining what is renewable energy, and illustrating some of on-site applications adopted by official and non-official authorities.
Energy Group works are supervised by Assistant Professor Mohammed Muamar Al-Shameer, Media College, Sana'a University.