English Department, SeyounFarewell ceremony held [Archives:2003/640/Community]

June 9 2003

By Saeed Omer Albatati
The Faculty of Education- Seyoun
[email protected]

Students of English Department at the Faculty of Education – Seyoun- organized on Tuesday 27 May a farewell ceremony for their teaching staff and students of Fourth year. At the beginning of the party was marked with recitation of some verses from Glorious Qumran by Mohammed Alsaqqaf, a student of third level. In his opening speech, Mr. Nasser Al-Tamami, head of English Department thanked the organizers and called upon the students to prepare themselves well and step up their efforts for the upcoming exams. The graduated students were represented by Mohammed Ali Alsaqqaf, a brilliant student who expressed his appreciation of and gratitude for the assistance offered to him and his colleagues by the teaching staff during the four years of their study “we pay our respectful homage to our teachers who are the most precious treasure in our life, you were there whenever we needed you” he said.
On his part Mr. Hassan Al-Aidraoos who was a key figure during the ceremony arranged activities which included English communication (i.e. social interchanges such as greetings, congratulations). The activities were performed by Mrs. Wafa, J, Dalal M, Hadeel A, Amani J (grade a students) who made our day. Moreover, four students performed an interesting, comic one-act play entitled “Exploitation”. The play appealed to the audience and was received with much applause and greeted with great elate. At the same time the students expressed their deep sadness when they saw their teachers off. The students also requested Prof., Ali Hud Ba-abad, Hadramout University rector to find an urgent solution to shortage in the teaching staff at the college, “otherwise next year will be in a lot of mess. At the end of the ceremony the students of the fourth year honored their teachers for their hard work and wished them every success and all best. Meanwhile four members of the teaching staff have got scholarships to Malaysia to pursue their higher studies. The head of the department has got a PhD degree scholarship and Mr. Hassan Alaidraoos, Mr. Abubaker Alhadad and Rais Al-Tamimi, MA degree scholarships to the same destination. It's worth mentioning that the college was established in 1996 with the purpose of meeting the shortage of teacher in Hadramout districts. It has now four departments which are Islamic studies, Arabic language studies, Mathematics and English language, with a total number of 791 students. The collage plays a vital role in qualifying well-educated people.