Enhance your English [Archives:2003/639/Letters to the Editor]

June 5 2003

Mujahed Taher Elhady
[email protected]

I have been an avid reader of your weekly online paper for quite sometime now. I enjoy reading your paper, but find myself quite often critiquing your spelling and grammatical errors. A paper such as this should not be in such a low standard of writing. The fault lies always with the leader of the paper and that my friend lands in your realm. I make no recommendations of my own, because I feel you are a man of your own means and will be able to correct such things. Always Mr. Editor remember that President Truman always held the belief that “the buck stops here”, a line you would do yourself well to remember. I wish you and your staff the best of luck and if there is ever anything I maybe of service to you or your paper you are most welcome to ask.

Dear Mujahed,
Thank you for your remarks, which indicate how much you care for the paper and its reputation. It happens on many times that I try my best to enhance the language, and it is truly not easy. Perfection is impossible, but the number of mistakes may sometimes be far too many. But I promise you we will be bringing enhancements to our cadres soon to rid the paper of “most” but not all of the mistakes.
– Editor