Environmental Disaster in al-Khasaf Quarter in Aden [Archives:2001/36/Reportage]

September 3 2001

Ridhwan A. Al-Saqqaf
Aden Bureau Chief
Al-Khasaf Quarter located in the city of Aden is undergoing an environmental disaster for more than 20 years. This densely populated residential quarter is suffering from unbearable pollution due to the existence of a crushing plant and a stone quarry near this residential area.
The residents of the quarter filed a complaint requesting the closure of the a crushing plant which turned this residential quarter into a very crowded, noisy and polluted area. Moreover, the trucks coming to this crushing plant have further worsened the situation as over than 48 trucks come to this area in a daily basis. The people of this residential quarter started to suffer from some different nerves-related illnesses due to this noise and many young children were knocked down by these trucks.
The residents of the quarter expressed their dismay at the silence of the concerned authorities although they have not left any door of these authorities untapped, including the parliament. A resident of the quarter said that the explosions carried out at the stone quarry have incurred cracks at the houses located at the area and some fences have totally collapsed.
May citizens of al-Khasaf residential quarter came to Yemen Times Aden Bureau accompanied by letters signed by the inhabitants of the quarter which are addressed to the leadership of Aden Governorate, the parliament and the Environment Protection Council, pleading for the full cooperation of the concerned authorities in putting an end to this annoying problem.