Eritrea denies detaining Yemeni fishermen [Archives:2006/913/Local News]

January 19 2006

SANA'A, Jan.17 ) In a statement distributed last Tuesday, the Eritrean Embassy in Sana'a denied that Eritrea has detained Yemeni fishermen.

The embassy said a large number of Yemeni fishermen fish in Eritrean regional waters by official permission of the Ministry of Fisheries in Asmara. It added that Yemeni fishermen receive great respect and kind treatment from the Eritrean government and its people.

The statement released by the embassy denied authenticity of reports that Eritrean authorities exposed Yemeni fishermen's lives to risk. It ruled out the allegation that Eritrean authorities packed 100 Yemeni fishermen into a wooden boat built for one-third that number and drove them toward Yemen for one month.

The embassy said reports published in some Yemeni newspapers are merely fabrications, false accusations and malicious attempts to harm the Eritrean government's reputation and its strong traditional ties with Yemen.

The statement urged the Yemeni press to strive for authentic information when publishing such news in order to maintain the profession's credibility.