Eryani slashes at private newspapers [Archives:2005/837/Local News]

April 28 2005

Dr. Abdul-Karim al-Eryani, President's Political Advisor, Secretary General of People's General Congress (Ruling Party) severely slammed a number of private, party-organ, and semi-official newspapers. He described them as inciting “sect-based discrimination.”

“What al-Shomoa writes, is as serious as al-Khaiwani used to write, if not more,” al-Eryani said in an interview with 26 September, organ of the military, in last Thursday's issue.

“This is the same with al-Balagh, al-Ummah, and al-Shura.”

He said that the people of these newspapers are trying to incite sectarian strife.

He denied that Sa'adah war is set aiming at the Zaidi sect, calling it a “satanic insurgency fueled from outside Yemeni heritage and history.”

Concerning religious schools, al-Eryani said he is against shutting them but confirmed that they should be within Yemeni social, religious and historical fabric.