Escaping the cage of memory [Archives:2007/1045/Community]

April 26 2007

By: Minya Abd Al-Hakim Nasher
University of Since & Technology

Fate plays a pivotal role in our lives. Along the way, we may find people who appreciate and encourage us, or we may find people who make things difficult for us. When we sit and contemplate we may remember different people who help us when we have problems, or people who are problems themselves.

We may discover people who willingly sow seeds of hope in our life and help us to grow and blossom. We may also find people who are trying hard to shoot poisoned arrows right into our hearts. Some of them may leave cherished memories, others will merely leave us with scars of sorrow and grieve.

Thus it will not be strange if we have tried to escape our memories. As many faces are eventually vanish, and many addresses are completely forgotten, some faces will still emerge from time to time, those can not be away from our hearts, one appears when we have problem, and we find upon it a person of giving and magnanimity.

Therefore I always try to discard a lot of faces which do not deserve to stay in my memory. So, it is better to let the beautiful feelings dwell in you, in order to be able to communicate with people normally, and feel happy and content all the time.