Even without Saddam, the nightmare goes on! [Archives:2004/700/Opinion]

January 5 2004

Hassan Al-Haifi
The Bush and the Neo-con clique in the United States will never seem to come to an end to their list of mis-accomplishments. It is as though this mysterious lot of troublemakers for the United States and for the rest of the world thrives on continuous misery and death for everyone save themselves. In recapping all the events of the jinxed year 2003, we can safely assume that for all intents and purposes, this incongruous lot of behind the scenes masters of plots and counter-plots will stop at nothing to put the rest of the world on edge while they continue their ugly schemes of finding ways to enrich their political sponsors, notwithstanding the misery, the cost and the swagger of the human intellect in a sea of unpredictable outcomes amidst strategies of a big bully, who has not the faintest of ideas about human rights, human decency and human integrity.
Yes, 2003 is over and done with, but those of us who still have an inkling of idealism and hope for the betterment of life for all human beings on this planet are really thrown off balance, for the simple reason that Mr. Bush and his ugly organized mafia are simply not in the mood for such idealism and simply have no intention to have a quiet peaceful world, where the discontent of the world can find avenues for escaping their unfortunate lot. It goes without saying that this status of les miserables is now a direct outcome of the venom that this neo-con establishment has spread throughout the world.
They told us, and they told us and continue to tell us that only they know what is right for the world, because, as they say it is right for America. Well, America has seen for itself that there is nothing that is right in these people's minds for America as its boys are laid to waste in an ugly guerilla war, with an enemy that is none of the fancy talk and despicable lies laid out by this clique for more than a year – actually for three years – with not one truth to cling to in a desperate attempt to convince us that they know what they really are doing. They told us all they need to do is overthrow the Saddam Hussein regime and the troubles of the US and the rest of the world – Leave Osama alone for a while, the cake is a lot bigger in Iraq – are over. Their logic was that Saddam Hussein was hiding a mysterious quagmire of destructive weaponry. Even when told in advance that Saddam hardly had enough to harm a fly, let alone pose a threat to the mighty United States of America, George and his war game hobbyists went on their misadventure in the swamps of the Tigris-Euphrates valley. The regime was toppled – but no wait, Saddam is still loose: the war must go on. It went on with more adverse consequences than the classic war of tanks against rusty tanks and bombers, rockets and missiles against nobody. When it was clear that the troubles of the “coalition” was not the workings of an “ace in the hole”, we now come back to the song of terror and bringing democracy to the rest of the world. The rest of the world is perplexed by how the American people can stand to be fooled again and again. They themselves are seeing as clear as daylight that all this hogwash is only good for those few but super-rich, who are churning at their hard earned incomes through high taxes and “pork” that is laid out in the open for anyone ready to grab and give a token gesture of backing to the new mafia reigning in America and their pet pals in Tel Aviv. What has America come to be in 2003, would have never entered the minds of people of greater intellect and broader visions like George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, Woodrow Wilson, Theodore Roosevelt, Dwight Eisenhower, John Kennedy and William Clinton. In fact, these people cherish their capacity for destroying the achievements of the latter in a whirlwind of blundering and contempt for sincere honest government that boggles the most astute of dreamers and pleaders for the good of mankind.
Saddam is out of the picture, yet bombs and death are thrown in random fashion where the enemy is a mass of evil thrown by all parties with the final outcome being death, death and more death. Yes, death is a good thing is what these behind the scenes plotters of international evil thrive on. The smile never leaves their faces in front of the cameras and as they eat their fake turkey dinners. Death is healthy if America is to be kept safe. Safe from what? Nobody really knows – not even these war mongerers, all of whom seem to have a record of achievement in deception, fraud and contempt for law, if it stands in their way at achieving their mysterious goals. For a year they kept us busy in their wild chase against a seemingly harmless rouge, who himself must be astounded that anyone could find a niche in the world of demonic intrigue that is bigger than he ever hoped to realize in his horrendous criminal record against his people and the people around him. If Saddam's evil was regionally localized, we now have a clique in Washington and Tel Aviv that can show the world how easy it is to bring havoc to every corner of the world.
Happy New Year world and brace yourself for more of the same ugliness – if not worse – shown in the past year. The nightmare is not yet over!