Exhausting support [Archives:2003/671/Letters to the Editor]

September 25 2003

Wathik Al-Samawi
[email protected]

I'm writing this in response to Mr. Samawi's letter published on Sept 8. I'd go along with a lot of what you said .I adore having you stated your contention rather satisfyingly and persuasively. It's indisputable that the US is a vast and powerful country and unceasingly has helped so many countries throughout today's world. None can deny our necessary need to the US support. Thus, we appreciate efforts and attempts to rescue our world from catastrophic and threatening problems that jeopardize peace. Hence we can assure that we don't hate America as you visualize. But, imprudent decisions ,biased attitudes towards Arabs, never abiding by international laws and showing arrogance are some reasons that bother us. For example, Palestinians are being killed savagely and brutally, are discriminated against. Another example is the up-side-down and miserable situation in Iraq. Nothing has been done or put into practice to stop that. In brief, people should be granted every right to have a peaceful life. No need to erupt unnecessary disputes.