Existence On a Culture of HateAfter 60 Years, There is Nothing to Celebrate for the Palestinians [Archives:2008/1156/Opinion]

May 19 2008

One is amazed to see how history can be distorted to great lengths to justify an irrational and absolutely unjustifiable existence of a “state” that was created on the corpses and ruins of another nation. Yet for the past couple of months or so the Propaganda Wing of the International Zionist Establishment has worked tirelessly to instill this distorted history into the minds and hearts of audiences throughout the world. Moreover, one is not oblivious to the tireless effort to project the Arabs in general and the Palestinians as the victims of their own trials and tribulations.

Through the complex web of puppet Arab governments, clandestine organized and irregular operatives within the Arab World, the domination of the economies of the region (including those of the oil rich Arab economies that are powerless in determining the use of their resources), the IZE has in fact managed to have its way in suppressing any widely recognized right of resistance to this horrific invasion that has been implanted in the midst of this erstwhile peacefrul region more than sixty years ago..

Much of the feedback to this column tries to sidetrack the efforts of disclosing the truth about the horrors of a Zionist hate filled culture, by suggesting that such criticism shout be targeted towards combating the evils of our own doing (i.e., the results of the calamities imposed on the Arab countries by the misdeeds of the majority of the leaders in the region).

This can be answered with ease by reminding these systematic responses by elements set up as part of the sophisticated IZE media complex that it is the IZE that actually worked to encourage the existence of these monstrosities of governance called the Arab political regimes, most of which are looked upon with the utmost of contempt by their respective constituencies.

Surely, there is an irony in calling for advocacy against regimes that are actually essential to the continuous existence of the State of Israel, and were actually instrumental to assuring the survival and expansion of this rouge State of Israel, some of them knowingly so, while others because of their naivete or their misguided gullibility.

Yet the IZE has managed to use these thorns in the midst of the Arab Nation to convince the Western ears and eyes that the state created by the IZE is the ideal model of governance and goodwill, and is commensurate with all the “values” that Western culture has evolved over the years. Yet, in looking at the situation in Gaza and even the West Bank, one cannot be oblivious to the obvious machinery of hatred that the Zionist state relies upon to actually continue to pursue its demonic schemes in the Holy Land.

The statistics are humanely indigestible, when assessing the modest quantifications of the suffering of the Palestinians, who stubbornly insist that they must hold on to whatever rights and titles they still possess in view of their status as indigenous owners of the land supposedly “promised” by the Lord Al-Mighty to a particular ethnic inclination, as questionable as this inclination might be.

It is not hidden to these organizations that the Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza are suffering beyond belief as many observers have clearly shown. One needs to picture the difficulty of a pregnant women needing medical assistance to give birth, that must go through tens of checkpoints and long detours that could add hours to a normally short journey to the nearest hospital.

Many have never been able to complete the journey and in such cases two Palestinians have been removed from the future potential worry list of the Zionist security apparatus. One can also realize what the uprooting of 500,000 or so trees as recorded by human rights advocacy groups coming from Israel itself means to the livelihood of farmers who relied on those trees for their subsistence.

One can imagine what is like for children going to school and trying to prepare for their year-end exams having to undergo chronic blackouts because the Zionist state refuses to allow the free passage of fuel to operate the power stations in the Palestinian territories still inhabited by the Palestinians. Of course this is in addition to the insurmountable economic consequences associated with such blockades and the difficulty this brings to life for the Palestinians, who cling on to the hope that the world can see the tragic suffering they must undergo for insisting on the minimal rights of the right to life. More on this to come.

Hassan Al-Haifi has been a Yemeni political economist and journalist for more than 20 years.