Expectations in Bush’s 2nd term [Archives:2004/791/Letters to the Editor]

November 18 2004

Robert Lindh
[email protected]

Now that Bush has another four years, I can easily tell you what to expect:
First of all, more wars in the Middle East. Secondly, the use of nuclear weapons in the Middle East. Thirdly, a massive increase in suicide bombing in the Middle East.
Fourthly, he will provide massive quantities of new hi-tech weapons to Israel.
Mr. Bush is a Christian fanatic and his election was all about killing Moslems. So far, he's killed and maimed over 100,000 and that is why he was reelected. That fact cannot be disputed. Mr. Bush has no desire to lay any groundwork for democracy in the Middle East. His goal is to make the Middle East safe for his Christian fundamentalist supporters and giant corporations so they can suck up your oil.
On the other hand, you will recall my article “A Christian fanatic ruling the world” posted Issue: (776), Volume 13. What I predicted is now a fact and Mr. Bush does indeed have four more years to use his military to crush Moslems. Currently in Falluja, the U.S. military leader has pronounced that any male under the age of 45 will be shot or thrown in prison as the city is destroyed. Based on this edict, male children as young as 3 will also be shot or thrown into prison to be tortured with the rest. The slaughter has indeed begun. The only recourse for Iraqis is a massive increase in suicide bombing – if they ever hope to be rid of the Christian Bush and his oil merchants. And as the world knows, U.S. troops voted over 90% to keep Mr. Bush in office. Consequently, the target is well known.