Falluja massacre needs to stop [Archives:2004/795/Letters to the Editor]

December 2 2004

Mohamed Saeed
South Africa
[email protected]

We are witnessing another massacre unfolding in the city of Falluja. The lie that this war was fought to liberate Iraq and its people, must always be seen in light of the estimated 100, 000 citizens killed, and many thousands tortured. This is the real story of the war and subsequent occupation of Iraq. Peace loving people around the World had said all along that no good could come of this illegal invasion, and indeed, nothing has. Unless the occupation of Iraq ends immediately and US and British troops are withdrawn, Iraq will remain a country in ruins.
While this attack may have theatrically been formatted to appear as though it was the Interim Government that have ordered the attack, no one is foolish enough to believe that this was done with anything but the full will and command of the American occupation forces.
The Interim Government's lack of credibility and legitimacy amongst the Iraqi people, makes this scenario all the more absurd. Already dozens of innocent people have been killed as a result of the fierce US bombardment of the city. Hundreds if not thousands more are likely to be killed over the next few days, particularly after Iyad Allawi declared a state of emergency throughout most of the country. This travesty is another smack in the face of all claims that Iraq has been liberated and freedom brought to them by virtue of a war that has long been proven illegal and immoral.