FANA concluded – no drastic decisions [Archives:2003/693/Local News]

December 8 2003

Mohammed bin Sallam
The Federation of Arab News Agencies concluded last Sunday its 31 2-day conference with attendees from 17 Arab News Agencies. The Conference, despite the lack of decisions or recommendations, discussed in its last session the decisions that were made in its previous conferences such as Istanbul Conference, and made a few decisions in this regard. The participants also discussed arranging a conference in cooperation with international establishments, the proposal of extending an international media bridge. They discussed the outcome of the International Conference of News Agencies convened in Tehran, Iran, as well as decisions made by the Permanent Committee of Arab Media, which was convened in Cairo and its relation and cooperation with UNESCO in terms of Arabizing the Internet to benefit the Arab News Agencies.
The General Assembly discussed in its sessions the budget of the Federation in light of the consensus that it be reflected upon various development programs and activities. Those will include the arrangement of training programs to be offered by the Federation in cooperation with Reuters News Agency in the field of producing general and economic news items. The Committee, meanwhile, considered the results of the contributions of Arab Agencies in the Federation Internet site, and proposed to convene anew and discuss the challenges which hinder the performance news agencies. It valued the role which Yemen News Agency, SABA, undertook to arrange and prepare for the 31st Ordinary meeting of the Federation of Arab News Agencies. Deliberations of the 31st FANA Conference had produced ideas to define the stands of those agencies relative to the changes in international media rhetoric during the next stage. It is noteworthy to mention that, since its creation, the Federation contributed to offering advice, encouraging the exchange of expertise, convening of regular and specialized conferences of the agencies presidents, and worked to enhance media and technical cooperation among its members.