FBI Releases 9/11 Videotape Filmed Near Pentagon [Archives:2006/983/Letters to the Editor]

September 21 2006

Harold S Kramer,
[email protected]

The FBI just released video recordings taken on 9/11 by six security cameras located at the CITCO station overlooking the Pentagon. I find it incredulous that, according to the FBI, none showed any aircraft during the actual attack on 9/11. So far – six cameras – no aircraft – nothing! It's unbelievable!

There were video recordings taken by security cameras mounted on the rooftop of the Pentagon, as well as cameras at the nearby Double Tree Hotel, and the Maryland Department of Transportation buildings. Why won't the FBI release all of these videos? Will the videos show a passenger jet striking the building or, more likely, will they show nothing?

All the unedited video recordings confiscated by the FBI within minutes following the attack should be released before the election. I believe these videos could document conclusively that a missile, perhaps one armed with depleted uranium, struck the Pentagon. How much longer will the FBI be allowed to cover up this crime?