Female education must be encouraged [Archives:2004/772/Letters to the Editor]

September 13 2004

Nathalie Bussi'res
[email protected]

I have been in Sana'a for only 10 days and I really appreciate having access to both local and international news through your newspaper. Furthermore, I highly respect your selection of topics as well as your editorials, which reflect a clear desire to help the country improve its socio-economical status.
You had an interesting article and editorial in last week's edition about the results in final high school exams. I read it with great interest and would like to comment on the following paragraph:
“Another concern for the government is the worrying sign of more successful female students relative to successful male students.. It is predicted that many successful females will not work, whilst unsuccessful males would still have to earn a living.”
I was disappointed to see that there was no other comment on this fact by your staff. These successful female students might not work outside the house but are likely to have healthier children, who will be better students when they go to school. As was pointed out in yesterday's edition of your newspaper, education of the women is an important key to improve health and education in the population. Female students should be encouraged to succeed, and their success should be perceived as a step towards a better life for Yemeni people!