Fighting against myths [Archives:2004/773/Letters to the Editor]

September 16 2004

Dieter Conrad
[email protected]

It's always applauded when journalists write against myths. There are so many myths worth to be written against like “The myth of Theodorakis and some of his saying”, “The myth of the 72 Arabic virgins, awaiting male suiciders in heaven”, “The myth of a sworn enmity being not solvable”, “The myth to achieve peace by disintegrating the adversary parts of two parties which both love one and the same small territory to live on”, “The myth that enlightenment would always spare some parts of the globe, even in the long run” etc..
By reading your recent article about myths in Yemen, I've also found a very young myth, the demythologizing of which would probably mean a big political step forward in your region. Perhaps it would even lead to a unity that would be a light unto the other nations.
Could you perhaps help demythologize the – I fear among Jewish people rather wide spread – myth that only a state with a hexagonal star as an emblem and the name of Israel can be a home of the Jewish people?