Financial Services Volunteer Corps Visits Yemen [Archives:2004/799/Local News]

December 16 2004

Financial Services Volunteer Crops (FSVC) has sent a team of senior-level experts to Yemen this week to consult with leading public and private sector counterparts in the financial sector to examine ways to bring financial sector operations in line with international standards.
The group, led by Salvatore Pappalardo, FSVC's Managing Director for Global Program activity, is under the auspices of the US Middle East Partnership Initiative (MEPI) program announced by President George W. Bush and former Secretary of State Colin Powell.
The team, which arrived in Sana'a Dec. 3, is meeting with senior-level officials from the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Trade and Industry, members of the Shura Council, the Central Bank of Yemen, and other government agencies as well as public and private sector commercial banks.
FSVC is a non-profit private-public sector partnership that channels expert assistance to countries seeking to build stronger financial systems and market economies. FSVC sends volunteer professionals in the fields of commercial banking, central banking, and capital markets on assistance missions to countries that request assistance. FSVC also brings professionals from these countries to the United States, Europe and other locations for training and internship programs at counterpart institutions. The organization has worked in over thirty emerging market countries since its founding in 1990.