First seminar on importance of census [Archives:2004/721/Community]

March 18 2004

Yasser Mohammed Al-Mayyasi
On Saturday, 13 March 2004, at the Central Statistics Apparatus, the first seminar was held on the importance of the population and housing census to private sector. The seminar was to specify the importance of the census to businessmen and what the private sector would receive from the database, according to the priorities and demands imposed by nature of competition in the relevant market. Since the private sector would be involved this database, it will act as the basis of success of productive and commercial activities.
The seminar dealt with a study prepared by Dr. Abdulkadous Al-Marwany. It pointed out three distinguished groups that play major roles in the success of the census and its benefit, translated in the form of a more precise and comprehensive database utilized for the prosperity of the all sectors of society, one of which is the private sector.
The participation of the private sector assists in knowing the feasibility of choices, supporting the decisions of the private sector to get involved in investment projects. The contribution of the private sector is crucial in census operation planning, administration, the financial support of field survey operations and in confirming the trust between the private sector and the government of the neutrality and impartiality of the census operations. It was confirmed that the census would be used for purposes intended to serve development.

The study confirmed the role of the private sector focuses on promoting, supporting and embracing a statistic consisting of urgent economic and social considerations. Some of the benefits of having skilled and qualified experts in this field can be summarized in the following:
– To increase the awareness of decision makers of the importance of the census in drawing up necessary frameworks to build a database of the various corporations society could depend on, including the private sector, in future planning.
– The financial and moral support and enhancement of transparency of phases of the census, with the benefits publicly marketed by the dispersed field survey implementers and raising additional funds to support census operations.

The study expects support from the private sectors in surmounting obstacles accompanying collecting economic data and financial contributions, which takes various forms serving the statistic operations.