Flies and mosquitoes in Taiz [Archives:2005/804/Community]

January 6 2005

Taiz Bureau
The number of mosquitoes and flies carrying deadly diseases has increased recently in Taiz, due to overflowing garbage pits throughout the city.

There are overflowing pits in the street leading to Nasser School, near Suq-al-Qat of Osaiferah, around al-Mudhaffar mosque and al-Bab-al-Kabeer (big gate), the most crowded part of the city. Residents are angry and blame the Local Office for Water & Health Sanitary, in Taiz.

There are also places where sewage is flowing out onto the streets. The pit of Suq-al-Sameel has also overflowed like a sweeping flood before the entrance of al-Saeed stationery shop and Howdh-al-Ashraf Street, in front of the Yemenia office.