Fond of you [Archives:2007/1069/Community]

July 19 2007

By / Mohammed Almoqri
For Yemen Times
Faculty of education
Level two / parallel system
[email protected]

I'm fond you

Count the ways

Of my fondness of you

As much as it rain

And more than you thought

As long as I pain

And as you have taught

How to ask you brain

For the sake of whom

Did this poet has wrote

Very fond of you

Count the ways

Of my neediness of you

As night for the moon

And morning for bright

As poem for the tone

And verse for delight

As day for the noon

And darkness for light

Of the face you cover

As child for his mother

And desert for rain

As gardens for flower

And beloved for his lover

And mosque for tower

So fond of you

Oh, can you believe it

If I say what you are!

An angel from sky

Eagle from desert fly

New born when cry

To catch you, I will try

Even if you are high

For ever you will be I

You know that I do not lie

Together will be till die

Please, do not ask why

I insist you will me for I

It is the fate, the love

Which makes things above

Whether you accept it

Or not I do not care

I believe in everything rare

Filling in your love I dare

But with determination

There is no fear

Too fond of you

Count the ways

Of my believe of the destiny of us

As Christian of Christ

And Muslims of Mohammed

For that I am living on

The gazing of your eyes

The memory of your prize

The taste of your paradise

The tears of your cries

The beauty of your smiles