For the second time in Sana’a:Same girl vanishes without trace [Archives:2003/627/Local News]

March 17 2003

Yemen Times Staff
Amid mysterious conditions, a secondary school girl has disappeared for the second time in Sana'a on February 23, 2003 at 6 clock p.m.
“She disappeared when she went buying school supplies from one of the stationery in Hale Street.” her father said.
The same girl disappeared on July 24, 2002 amid similar mysterious conditions.
The father of the girl told the Yemen Times that the authorities were informed of the loss of his daughter along with the loss of four passports of his.
Photocopies of those passports were given to the people concerned. “No one knows the fate of the girl until now and how she disappears,” the father said.
“My daughter is a girl with decent morals. She was raised in the best manner. She is well-educated and faithful to her religion and we are sure that she was kidnapped,” her father added.
He then informed the security bodies about this incident and provided them with several clues to help them search for her.
Security bodies, according to the father, are not able to find the real kidnappers. That is because she has been kidnapped by an influential and powerful network.
“By sending a letter to the President, I am pointing to a dangerous phenomenon that is starting to spread all over the country and unless the President reacts quickly and firmly, we will witness more kidnappings of our innocent young daughters, whose fate will be unknown,” he concluded.
He later sent a letter including the numbers of lost Yemeni passports: 00312771, 00311540, 00311548, and 00311570. All four passports were issued from Hodeidah in April 1999.