Forgive me [Archives:2008/1149/Community]

April 24 2008

By: Somaya Al-Shameery
[email protected]

Oh, book, forgive me.

I've filled your pages with sad words;

I've filled your lines with heartbreaking letters

And ripped your pages one after the other,

Searching for the perfect words that might help express

The sorrow that lives deep inside me.

Oh, book, once again I've failed to assimilate myself to this

Unpleasing atrocious world,

Where one becomes a monster in an instant,

Where war has become simple and existence has become a threat,

Where honesty and truth are nowhere to be found,

Where selfishness has replaced generosity and

Where money has become master and its owner a slave.

Oh, dear book, I could call you a rescuer, a saver or maybe a secret keeper.

You and no one, but you I reveal my true feelings

And I don't have to worry that you may betray.

You help take the heavy weight off my chest.

I can call you a dear friend of mine.