Former military personnel ask for justice [Archives:2006/974/Local News]

August 21 2006

SANA'A, Aug 20 ) Officers and soldiers, from northern governorates, forced out of service before 1990 are asking to be reinstated or to now receive their pensions.

The military were part of the armored and parachute forces and were forced from service due to the political conflicts prior to Yemen's reunification in 1990.

The former soldiers want to improve their living standards.

According to, a number of these individuals sent a letter to President Saleh, asking him to settle their situation and reinstate them in their units. Saleh referred the letter to the defense minister, but the issue was then delayed.

The soldiers say they were subject to arrest by military police and they were forced to sign a service waiver to be set free.

“Officers and soldiers were abused and inhumanly treated. That counteracts with the toleration and national reconciliation