Free al-Zaidi [Archives:2001/25/Local News]

June 18 2001

Yemen Times called upon the Yemeni Journalists Syndicate (YJS) to end the illegal detention of Mr. Hassan al-Zaidi, YT journalist and secure his release. Mr. al-Zaidi was arrested by the political security service as he was leaving YT headquarters on 10.6.2001 and he was kept at an undisclosed place.
YT has urged upon the local, international agencies and all organizations involved in press rights to exert pressure on the government to set him free. Al-Zaidi’s detention dealt a serious blow to democracy and press freedom in Yemen. YT requests the security bodies to disclose the venue of his detention and offers him the necessary legal assistance and material support from the paper. YT is concerned about the fact that al-Zaidi’s health condition was not sound prior to his abduction and confinement.
YT made efforts to contact people responsible for detaining al-Zaidi. However, they refused to disclose the place and reasons behind his detention.