Free Iraq can be a shining example [Archives:2003/635/Letters to the Editor]

May 12 2003

Kipp Cozad
[email protected]

This article seems to really have come from your heart. My reaction was that if the nations of the Arab world impose democratic reform the United States would no longer be seen as any sort of threat as leaders who treat their own people with respect will gain the respect of the world's leaders. Though America is seen as an enforcer in the Arab world, the US wishes most of all to maintain good relations with foreign nations because good relations are transformed into trading partners. Good trading partners translates into good friends. America in the post WW II period has partnered with some really evil dictators in the name of either trade or security and each one has backfired. America does the best when they deal with nations who are democratic. I can guarantee if Israel wasn't a democracy the relationship between the two would not have endured. I know that if the Arab world follows the coarse of Qatar you will see a remarkable rebirth in the region. All Arabs should pray that the experiment in Iraq succeeds and the United States assists the nation towards freedom and democracy and leaves as they did in Germany and Japan. Iraq would then be the shinning beacon that sets the example for all the oppressive nations in the region.