French Embassy in Sana’aBastille Day marked [Archives:2003/651/Local News]

July 17 2003

Abdo Moqbil Al-Sabiri
SANA'A_ The French Ambassador to Yemen hosted a reception on July 14 marking his country's national day, Bastille Day, which commemorates the anniversary of the French revolution.
The event was held at the residence of the French Ambassador and was attended by ministers, government officials, diplomats, dignitaries, businessmen, members of the French community and other guests.
The storming of the Bastille, on July 14, 1789, immediately became a symbol of historical dimensions; it was proof that power no longer resided in the King or in God, but in the people, in accordance with the theories developed by the Philosophes of the 18th century.
On July 16, the King recognized the tricolor cockade: the Revolution had succeeded.
For all citizens of France, the storming of the Bastille symbolizes, liberty,democracy and the struggle against all forms of oppression.
Yemen and France have established good relations for a better future.
Those relations have greatly increased during the last few years particularly with regard enhancing security cooperation to counter terrorism and helping Yemen to face any terrorist acts.
The security cooperation have increased since the explosion of the French-flagged Limburg supertanker in Yemen.
The Yemeni-French relations have remarkably improved during the last few years. There are two factors that account for this: First, during the Yemeni civil war of 1994, France intervened in the Security Council to support the Yemeni unity. Meetings were held between the Yemeni and French Presidents in 1995, and in 1996, and 1997. The political consultations are at the highest level on the region's affairs.