French journalist gives lectureThe ABCs of good newspaper writing [Archives:2004/734/Local News]

May 3 2004

The Information Training and Rehabilitation Institute in Sana'a held a lecture-delivering on April 27 and open-discussion assembly led by the French expert Ms. Vergina Ievy.
Dr. Abdullah al-Zalub, Dean of the Institute affirmed the importance of holding such meetings for the interaction of different generations and cultures within the same profession and where the experience and experiments of the older generation could be of benefits to younger generations in sharpening and enriching their skills and capabilities.
Ievy, a specialist in writing newspapers articles, talked about, under a title, “A good article has no boundaries: the principles of writing articles.”
She summarized them in two primary principles. The first is the conformity of the written text of the article with the general policy and adoption of the newspaper and its board of editors.
The second is the importance of abiding by the profession's writing principles. She emphasized the necessity that the two principles are inter-connected and is not permitted to be separated.
She also pointed out to the importance of the availability of information and the background knowledge to enrich the article. She said that the writer must inquire about and care about the category he/she is addressing starting from the introduction in the article, which could decisively determine the attention of the reader to continue reading it or move on to others.
The writer must use suitable terms and to always ensure the connectivity of written sentences. The writer must already understand the motives behind writing an article as writing is not a duty as much as a feeling and moreover, there is sheer perfect article.
Following the lectures, an open discussion was followed by a number of journalists representing official, private and political parties affiliated newspapers who agreed on the elimination of several technicalities predominately covering the occupation of journalism.