Fresh French Aid: 7,300 Tons of Flour [Archives:2000/35/Local News]

August 28 2000

Both the Minister of Planning & Development and the French Charge d Affaires last Saturday (Aug.26) signed an agreement covering a fresh French grant in the field of food assistance for Yemen for the year 2000. The assistance is made-up of 7,300 tons of wheat flour: an increase of 25% compared to previous years assistance.
France is understood to be offering food products grants to Yemen since the year 1983. In 1992, thirty-eight thousand tons of flour and five hundred tons of sugar were received. Out of this consignment, 2,500 tons of flour were distributed gratis to Socottra Island. In all, these grants assisted in financing development projects in different areas of Yemen.
As was the case in 1995, out of the quota for the year 2000, five hundred tons of flour shall be sent to Socottra on board a French ship. The remaining 6,800 tons shall be marketed in Hodeidah. The revenue in Yemeni Riyals shall be transferred to a coffer administered jointly by the Ministry of Planning and the French Embassy. The fund shall be utilized for financing projects which would allow development of food production.