From Al-Khiyam to Al-Ghreib prisonsNow, the “screw-all” axis is here [Archives:2004/734/Opinion]

May 3 2004

Not that the current Bush Administration and the Likudnik-Cheney Zionist crowd has shown any grain of salt's worth of credibility. But the recent disclosure of the absolutely atrocious inexcusable gross treatment of Iraqi prisoners clearly shed more light on the mischief and intentional evil that overshadow the whole American misadventure in Iraq.
The samplings of the “coalition” atrocities that have finally entered public domain are surely not the whole story. Even the British could not help but also follow the footpaths of their allies in the “liberating coalition” and so they came out with a few tortures of their own.
Is this really how the Bushies intend to “win the hearts and minds of the Iraqis”? The White House and the American Military Command believe they can shrug off the whole affair by simply passing the buck to the “contractors” hired by the Americans to “”help America's intelligence community collect, analyze and share global information in the war on terrorism” (as CACI, one of the two contractors said to oversee the “interrogations” in Abu Ghreib prison says in its website).
Please, give us a break! They are really adding more insult to injury to the shocked observers' perceptions of the notorious evil crimes against humanity vividly displayed by the proud American and British “liberators” of the Iraqi people. They have the nerve to want to try Saddam Hussein or any other despot, when they have in fact and in deed surpassed all the evil crimes that any tyrant has wantonly relied on to suppress his people.
One can be sure that the gross misconduct in Abu Ghreib is not the exception but the rule in all “coalition” prison camps in Iraq, and this calls for an independent international investigation, with a view towards bringing the culprits and their masters in the Pentagon and Whitehall to justice in the International War Crimes Tribunal.
In retrospect, one is inclined to recall the hideous prison records of Al-Khiyam Prison in Southern Lebanon, which was “contracted” to Lebanese War Lord Emile Lahd and his thugs, but designed and managed by the Israeli Defense Forces. Yet, to this date the world has yet to see the perpetrators of the gross tortures inflicted against Lebanese innocent people picked up at random, or for their possible resistance against an illegal occupation.
In fact, the White House insists on preventing the international community from bringing any Israeli violators of human rights to justice. Ask Belgium, why haven't they completed the prosecution of Ariel Sharon for his crimes against the Palestinians in Sabra and Shatilla refugee camps? Israel continues to run several prison camps of the Abu Ghreib caliber and continuously tortures the Palestinian prisoners picked up at will by the IDF from the larger prison that makes up the West Bank and Gaza.
It appears now that the White House has not only decided to adopt the Zionist agenda for the Middle East, but also to follow and even surpass the Zionist Likudnik approach in running the illegitimate prisons it maintains in Iraq and wherever, it intends to establish prison camps in the Middle East as it continues to carry out its “war of liberation”.
Time and again, this observer and many other international and American commentators have indicated that emulating Zionist methodology and adopting the Zionist mentality could never be a passport to success in the formulation and implementation of policy in the management of public affairs, domestically and in the international arena. In fact, it only underscores the inescapable fact that the Bush Administration's insistence that America imitates Israel in just about everything will expose American interests to severe risks and certainly jeopardize American security (aptly to be called “screwity” from now on) rather than enhance it.
This time, the American effort in Iraq has touched on what Ben Wederman of CNN rightly calls a “highly sensitive moral and cultural fiber” of the Arab community in Iraq and elsewhere in the region.” Even if there were Arabs, who might have been pleased by the removal of Saddam Hussein, they will undoubtedly have no second thoughts about despising the continued American presence in Iraq and anywhere else in the region. In fact every Moslem in the world will now have a very strong reason to work diligently to undermine any American “liberation” efforts in the region and regard even silence towards any of these efforts as an insult to their dignity and moral suasions.
One cannot find any rationale for justifying the ugly and sadistic cravings of what was revealed to be intentional and continuous behavior by the American keepers in Abu Ghreib Prison. There simply is no excuse for such wanton disregard for human rights and human decency and President George W. Bush and his Likudniks underneath the White House are fully responsible and accountable that such crimes can continue for such a long time without so much as a wimp.
Oh sure they say they have known about them since January of this year, but could only come up with their “feelings of disgust”, when CBS aired the photos on “60 Minutes II (I have often wondered why II?), with the Pentagon prodding CBS to please withhold the photos until they can find a way to deal with the expected international (and hopefully domestic) outrage. This observer and the majority of the Arab population insist that Mr. Amro Moussa, Secretary General of the Arab League, acting on behalf of the Arab constituencies (forget about waiting for a resolution from the impotent Arab regimes!), should act to bring the matter to the highest international tribunal and to demand that the United Nations implores the United States to get out of Iraq immediately, as the Iraqis have demanded (see the latest USAT and CNN polls in Iraq).
We categorically insist that if we want to be liberated, we will wait for the appropriate God fated moment and do it our way, rather than let the axis of evil (Israel, the United States and the UK) show us their fantastic craving for sexual morass. As for our leaders, what have they done to insure that we are protected against seeing hundreds of Abu Ghreib and Al-Khiyam prisons in every capital of the Arab World? Make no mistake about it; the real axis of evil intends to screw us all!