Fullujah bombing and double standards [Archives:2004/787/Letters to the Editor]

November 4 2004

Shabbir Khambaty
[email protected]

It's always been that Muslims are shown in bad light around the world. And to prove my point, I'll highlight the words spoken on BBC News (17th Oct) by a BBC reporter, based in Baghdad, where speaking about the situation in Fallujah, she uses the words “rebels”, “terrorists”, “insurgents” for the Fallujah resistance forces and uses unkind words on their striking at the American base in Fallujah.
Yes, killing people is not right, but then why aren't the Americans labeled as terrorists. They kill innocent Iraqis everyday, make young boys and girls orphans and in many cases, cause physical and psychological damage to them. And one shouldn't forget that it is the Americans who invaded Iraq and not the other way round. And the “resistance” forces in Fallujah are just trying to get the country rid of this American occupation. Therefore, it's surprising how Muslims are shown to be good people (when Afghan Mujahideen overthrew the Soviet forces in Afghanistan) and the same Muslims were terrorists according to Americans (because they were no longer towing the American line).
Why should the “face” of Islam depend on what one country thinks of it? Especially, when Islam and Muslims are used by America only when it feels the need. Muslims globally, especially in the Middle East, should come together, put their differences behind them, and make the Islamic world a force to reckon with (when European countries with such varied languages and culture could form the EU, why can't the Middle East having a common language and culture). We will, Inshallah.