Future of Iraq at stake [Archives:2004/779/Letters to the Editor]

October 7 2004

Ron Coyken
[email protected]

Iraq has a dark future for its people without the US. Everyone knows this. Just because you try to do right and help others does not mean that all will like you. We teach this to our children every day. We teach them that good leaders do the right thing even though others want you to do wrong. We teach them to do good and to fight evil.
The Militant Islamic terrorists know that their deaths are for Satan, and they love him not Allah. Death is always the way of Satan, not God. His follower knows nothing else. As long as Satan can be helped by others in the Middle East, through false cultic religions, death will come to the region until God returns. Satan loves the ignorant and the weakness of the Middle Eastern countries to stop death. The cult of the Middle East continues to make Satan smile. God has given man the ability to do right or wrong. The thieves, the murders, the hostage takers, the suicidal murders, the liars, the rapists, and the corrupt government officials will all end up in hell. That is their end.
The reason the US was created into a nation was to follow Gods will. It has proven its worth time and time again. God has blessed our nation. Even though the murder of 3000 innocent men and women, mothers and fathers has happened in our country, we will fight evil everywhere. Satan will be fought by us. The US is great because of its fight against the atheist of communism, the murders of Nazism, and the dictators of Iraq and Afghanistan. God fearing men and women have made this country great.
Our country does have some who do not believe in God and follow Satan. We have communists and terrorists that hate God and freedom. They protest in the streets but the followers of God fight the followers of Satan when he raises his head. We have to fight for the future of our country and the world. Good will always hate evil. Satan deceives the weak and makes them see the evil look good and the good look bad.