Genital mutilation [Archives:2004/757/Letters to the Editor]

July 22 2004

Tom Falvey
The human body is made in the image of God. Muslims and Christians agree on this. Yet many presume to correct God's work by female genital cutting. This is not mentioned in the Koran or the Bible. Most Muslim cultures do not practice it, nor do Christian communities outside of Africa. It is simply an ancient tradition, like slavery, whose time has passed.
Female genital mutilation is based on fear of woman's sexuality. This is a natural quality that should be educated through love, not crippled by violence.
Most African government are trying to eradicate this harmful custom. They realize that a country develop if half of its people are deliberately maimed.
Sexism is as degrading as racism. Every year about two million Africa girls are terrorized by the ritual mutilation of their most sensitive parts. They have no possibility of informed consent. I respectfully ask that you speak out to help end this very painful and damaging practice.