German library opened at Sana’a UniversityA record figure of freshers in the German department [Archives:2004/781/Community]

October 14 2004

By Daniela Siebeek
For the Yemen Times

The German Department of Sana'a University celebrated the opening of the German library on Sunday, 10th October. To study a foreign language all you need is brains and a good library, German cultural attache Hendrik Selle remarked in his inauguration speech. 'The brains you already had, and now you have a good library, too. This has been achieved by the help of the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) and the hard work of our former language assistant, Jens Winter,”, Judith Zepter, a representative of the German Academic Exchange Service added. Tareq Al-Janabi, Dean of the Faculty of Languages at Sana'a University, encouraged the students to take advantage of this new facility and never to give up striving for knowledge.
Today the library offers a selection of more than 500 books on the German language, literature, history and culture, which has been sponsored by various German associations, publishers and professors. Now a small treasury of knowledge on Germany and its people, it is planned for the library to be continuously extended and updated with books, audio and video teaching materials, to keep up with the rising numbers of students. Here students will also be able to obtain information about the Department's activities and cultural events in their field of study.
Among last weeks highlights was a visit by a group of German students, many of whom exchanged addresses to stay in touch with their newly acquired friends from Yemen. The visit included a reception party at the cultural attache's mafraj, during which first year students took the chance to ask all their curious questions about Germany, its history and its people.