German Minister to Visit Yemen [Archives:1998/15/Local News]

April 13 1998

The Minister of State in the German Federal Foreign Ministry, Helmut Schfer, MP, will visit the Republic of Yemen during April 14-17, 1998. The visit of Mr. Schfer is intended to foster and strengthen the high-ranking political dialogue between Yemen and Germany. Mr. Schfer will also visit Aden in order to hold talks there.
During his stay in Yemen, Mr. Schfer will sign a cultural agreement, which is intended to further consolidate the already excellent bilateral relations.
For Mr. Schfer, who holds his post as Minister of State since 1987, Yemen is not an unknown territory. He personally met with leading Yemeni personalities.
His coming visit is to be seen in the context of a continuing high level dialogue between the two countries, which was highlighted by President Saleh’s very successful state visit to Germany in September, 1997.