German Researchers: Democracy is a relationship between civil society and state, and independence of the three powers [Archives:2008/1218/Reportage]

December 22 2008

Salah Al-Warafy
For the Yemen Times

Democracy becomes the standard with which the advance of countries can be evaluated. It goes along with rights and duties of both the civil society and the state towards each other and with independence of the three powers, considering the private markets and fairness to be a means of keeping this relationship between the state and the civil society, according to the two German researchers Julie Schultre Petra and Jens Kambick.

Earlier this month in a seminar held by Alsaeed Foundation for Sciences and Culture in Taiz, Schultre, a political and economic analyst, and Kambick, the international referee (judge) at the Chamber of Commerce in Taiz, discussed the relationship between “Democracy