German Secretary of State Visits Yemen [Archives:2000/18/Local News]

May 1 2000

German Secretary of State, Dr. Herbert Hirschler will be visiting Yemen from 30th of April till 8th May. He aims to consolidate and increase the excellent cooperation between the German State of Hessen and the Republic of Yemen in the field of Public Health.
Dr. Hirschler is to be accompanied by a delegation of ca. 20 renowned professors and experts in the field of medicine and technology, representatives of companies from the field of medical technology and constructors of turnkey hospitals. The delegation will lead discussions with politicians and experts on medical technology and the building of hospital equipment. The delegation plans to visit hospitals during their stay.
Dr. Herbert Hirschler will present a donation from the State of Hessen to the Ministry of Electricity and Water for the German-Emirate Program regarding the launch of regenerative energy. The donation will be a 3kW plant solar technology in order to familiarize the people with the technology.