German Ship Anchors in Aden Port [Archives:2000/13/Local News]

March 27 2000

The Tourist German Ship (Dutchland) anchors in Aden port on March 25, 2000. This ship carries 472 tourists from different nationalities. It came from Salalah port in Oman. This tourist trip is a signal of the tourist boom that Yemeni is witnessing currently.
A group of 134 tourists departed to the capital city of Sana’a. The rest of them are pursuing different programs to move inside the city of Aden to enjoy Yemeni historical landmarks, zones, and popular markets in Aden.
Some tourists expressed happiness to visit Yemeni cities and see the historical landmarks of our country that attract tourists. They also expressed their happiness for the warm hospitality that they received when they arrived in Aden.