Girls World Communication CenterResearch students graduate [Archives:2005/804/Community]

January 6 2005

For Yemen Times Staff
The Girls World Communication Center within its unique Youth Leadership Program celebrated the graduation of the first group of research students Dec. 27.

“The research course is one of the courses that are given to students in the first year of the Youth Leadership program in which we teach seven courses: English, computer, internet, conversation, dialogue, talking, and research,” said Ms. Entelak AL-Mutwakel, the head of GWCC and the research course teacher. “Today we have the oral presentation of a first group of students. Seven students have presented their research orally.”

She noted that many Yemeni students don't learn how to do research well. “The students start learning this skill in university which, in my point of view, is too late. I wish this actually research skills start to be taught from the primary schools.”

She said if the students learn to think in academic ways, attitudes of society will change.

Hisham Al-Omaisi, associate information director at the USA embassy said the centre has trained a lot of youth and teachers how to do academic research on the internet.

“The center is excellent and I have seen that some students have benefited from the research techniques, in taking more information from internet much faster. And it is more academic research. We can extend courses hopefully in the next couple months. We have training in January and in March. We assume we have studious students from both courses.”

Teacher Abeer Eshaq, commented said “I taught four young groups here at the center and what I know they got better jobs and better chances in the. Some of them actually don't get the English language but they become aware of the problems that our society is facing like the water problems and health problem.

“We started also to teach them about the goals of our life and what we are supossed to do in our society and how the other can get benefits from what we are doing from our knowledge. These things are very essential. Most of the girls who come here belong to poor families and they don't have good chances in studying especially the language.”