God bless Yemen [Archives:2005/897/Letters to the Editor]

November 24 2005

Jon Speller, Chairperson
[email protected]
Anti-Communist International (ACI) PO Box 1095
Grand Central Station
New York NY 10163-1095
Telephone: 917 945 5816

Yemen Times is to be commended for its diverse and outspoken coverage of the news. As Chairperson of the Anti-Communist International (ACI) I honor the ancient Yemeni nation for its resistance to atheistic Communism during the Cold War, and its traditional opposition to any form of extremism that has so harmed the image of Islam in the United States since 9/11/2001.

Yemeni Americans have been a part of our national fabric for many years now, and are good Americans as well as upholders of the great traditions of the ancient land of Yemen, birthplace of the Arab peoples, and the moderate non-violent Islam that is a basic part of the fundamental Yemeni social fabric.

The position of women historically in Yemen, whether the Queen Bilqis of Sheba who came to worship God at the time of King Solomon, or the saintly Queen Arwa of Islamic times, clearly symbolizes the opposite of the too narrowly stereotyped world view too often held in the outside world.

Yemen 3,000 year history is all in all remarkable in its religious tolerance and its united opposition to any kind of foreign rule.

Yemen gave to the world the delight of coffee through its cultivation of the coffee plant, an achievement no less than that of the other ancient nation of China that gave to the world the delight of tea. As China struggles to lieberate itself from the atheistic Communist ideology, I am sure that the desire of the Chinese people for the 2500 year old Confucian philosophical virtues of “benevolence, faithfulness, propriety, righteousness, and wisdom,” which are also intrinsic within Islam, Christianity and Judaism, are morally supported by Yemenis in brotherhood with the millions of Chinese Muslims, and Chinese Christians as people with a book, as well as for all Chinese who have yet to know the message of the prophets.

The prayers of Yemenis for orderly peace and transformation of China are appreciated by all spiritually inclined people everywhere, and Inshallah, shall help to lead to a better world of peace and non-violence,and the equality and opportunity always so desired by the Yemeni people over three millennia. May God bless Yemen.

The Anti-Communist International (ACI), founded in 1959, has been included in the authoritative reference work, The Encycopedia of Associations, for many years.