Good job [Archives:2004/710/Letters to the Editor]

February 9 2004

Michel Dignand
Wagga Wagga Australia
[email protected]

I agree with you wholeheartedly on the matter of freedom of the press. I would go further: it would be impossible to believe a paper that carried only positive stories.
While some foreign readers might stumble on the Yemen Times, I would guess that the vast majority of your readers would, like me, have some sort of connection with Yemen. It would be ludicrous to try to pretend that Yemen does not have problems in attracting tourists, or that there are not problems with corruption in petty officials, public health and cleanliness, and education, amongst many other problems: these problems are immediately obvious to visitors to Yemen within minutes of arriving at Sana'a airport.
Honest reporting of these matters encourages the view amongst foreign readers that problems are being discussed in Yemen, not simply swept under the carpet. I know you will continue with your efforts. You have my support, and I am certain that you have the support of many, many foreign readers.