Good memories from Yemen [Archives:2003/670/Letters to the Editor]

September 22 2003

Arch. Luis Casares, CUBA
[email protected]

You can't guess how many good memories Yemen Times provides me. It gives me happiness letting me know what is going on in my second soul country.
I was living in Yemen for 8 years as a consequence of the collaboration of my homeland with the Ministry of Construction, Housing and Urban Planning to make development plans for the poorest regions of the country. Together with my colleagues I could travel throughout the country, live with simple countryside people in their homes and see and share all your daily life, your problems and virtues, things that I will never forget. In Yemen I got to know some of the best friends I have ever had.
I have been reading all your efforts to finish with weapon's possession and it makes me very happy because I believe that this is the worst and most complicated problem Yemen has. If everybody can realize how social life can change, how the economy and the international recognition can improve solving such issue everybody will put a little bit more from his side to help the government accomplish its goal.