Government can be overthrown [Archives:2004/699/Letters to the Editor]

January 1 2004

Abdusslam Hidarh
[email protected]

I heard that the government is working to issue a new law to constrain the freedom of the Yemeni media. Is this because the media says the truth? If so, we need a new government.
This government has failed because the cost of living in Yemen continued to rise while there is are very few sources of income.
We, the people of Yemen need a government that would improve our way of living and not just talk politics.
We also need law to be enforced. In the meantime, we also want to be protected from free trade, which is costing us as consumers, a lot of money. There is no law to regulate prices. We hear about the 'many achievements' of the government on TV, but we never see them in reality.
Where are the oil revenues? Aren't those revenues enough for the government to do what is necessary. The government still wants to make money from private investments.
Things could never improve unless the government realizes that the people can indeed one day overthrow it if they reach the point of desperation.