Government employee threatens to go on hunger strike [Archives:2006/908/Local News]

January 2 2006

Mr. Abdul-Wadood Sharaf Al-Zubairy, general manager of Department of Studies and Research, announced he would start the 2006 new year with a hunger strike if he did not regain his “stolen” rights and his demands were not fulfilled. He also announced he would stop working as from the beginning of 2006. In his statement, Al-Zubairy explains that he has been deprived from his job rights in the Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation. He appealed to the President Saleh, newspapers, international organizations, and human rights organizations to look into his case and express their solidarity with him. To Yemen Times knowledge, Mr. Al-Zubairy's demands were not even remotely fulfilled until date.

Mr. Al-Zubairy has been discarded from work since the cancellation of General Department of Studies and Research. This Department was affiliated to the Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation, but it was canceled in 2002.

Mr. Al-Zubairy explains that he has been deprived from his work since April 2005, and now his job is just to attend during working hours, doing nothing. He adds that he has not been given financial rights and spare time dues. Mr. Al-Zubairy explains that he is a member of the Technical Committee for the 3rd Five Year Plan, but his boss has treated him with extortion. He says the Ministry first official has not looked into his recurrent complaints.

Mr. Al-Zubairy continued his complain stating that employees are not protected from the oppression of directors and high-ranking officials in the Ministry, which has become ” a special realm for the first official and his close followers. He says some unqualified officials run the Ministry, while those who are qualified and skilled have been buried by the malice and stupidity of the Ministry officials. He affirms, ” Public money has been plundered and spent wrongfully, because there is no law to stop corrupt officials”.

Moreover, Mr. Al-Zubairy states that the recent strategy for salaries does not give priority to qualifications and experience. High-ranking posts are only given to the relatives of officials although their qualifications do not meet the conditions of those important posts. Mr. Al-Zubairy demands compensation for all his deprived rights, and to get back his post at the Ministry.

Mr. Al- Zubairy adds that corrupt officials who exploit government employees should stand trial.

Mr. Abdul-Wadood Sharaf Al-Zubairy joined the Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation in March 1981. He graduated from Sana'a University in May 1985, and got his M.A. degree in Economics from Alexandria University in 1993.