Government gives top priority to expatriates’ issues [Archives:2007/1044/Local News]

April 23 2007

SANA'A, April 22 ) Minister of Expatriates Saleh Same'e insisted on hard work to suggest possible solutions to numerous problems faced by Yemeni expatriates abroad, as well as to set strategic plans and programs to handle such a vital issue.

“I would like to confirm that expatriates' issue is due to see a new era in terms of identifying the problems and setting plans as well as programs to contribute to resolving this issue,” Same'e said. “Up until now, immigration is a personal affair as natives migrate from their homeland to other countries in search of work opportunities without any institutional support.”

He called on Yemeni expatriates in other countries and those concerned in the country to help his ministry in its hard work to enhance attention toward migration and expatriation. Also, he stated that his ministry needs to rearrange multiple priorities, which he described as urgent, through cooperation with the concerned organizations.

According to the Minister of Expatriates, top priority should be given to expatriates' relations with embassies and the need for making available an executive bylaw concerned with expatriates welfare in order to better rearrange situations of Yemeni communities abroad.

At the first meeting, held by the new cabinet, Same'e clarified that the government has taken a consensus decision, considering the issue of expatriates as a personal one, necessitating officials to work hard for its sake.

Regarding the situation of expatriates in the Arabian Gulf countries, particularly Saudi Arabia, and the problems and difficulties posed upon them, the official elaborated as saying “We think that it is possible for us to reach partial success by discussing expatriates' issues with our brothers in Saudi Arabia and other Gulf states. Over the past few days, I met many officials of the Yemeni communities in Saudi Arabia and discussed with them various problems in order to make these problems an urgent file and forwarded it to the Yemeni government headed by the political leadership for discussion.”

The Minister of Expatriates welcomed the strategy, which was announced by Sheikh Mohammed Bin Al Maktoum, with regard to UAE development and the situation of workforce in his country. “We prefer to consult our brothers in such cases, but we have multiple responsibilities such as studying the workforce markets of the Gulf countries and the demands in order for the immigrants not to cause a crisis in other countries.