Government needs to regulate pharmacies [Archives:2006/956/Letters to the Editor]

June 19 2006

By: Ali Sherif
[email protected]

“Why did the medicine you sold me have no effect?,” I asked to the pharmacist. “Well, because it is a cheap one,” he replied. I struggled to control my fury. I wonder how many people have gone through this miserable situation. I forced myself to ask him why he had the medicine on sale if it was ineffective. He forced artificial smile and said, “Well I do have the expensive ones, but they will cost you more.” I looked around his pharmacy and my eyes caught the commercial license he had stuck on the wall. For the sake of humanity how do the authorities allow this sort of practice to occur under their noses? What prompted me to write this letter was an article in the Yemen Times about contraband medicine in the market. I wonder the authorities will rectify the situation that has caused so much suffering.