Government program……Between citizens hopes and future challenges [Archives:2003/643/Community]

June 19 2003

Yasser Mohammed Al-Mayyasi
The Yemeni newly-formed government has recently presented a session of the parliament its program for the next period containing broad lines and details bearing a lot of expectations and ambitions to elevate various fields related to Yemen development and prosperity.
The government general program has focused on qualitative development of institutional structure of the new Yemen through developing the system of civil service, control and auditing.
The program also concentrated on how to improve the living conditions of people, fight poverty, face the increasing rate of population growth, achieve the social security and legislative stability, eliminate violation of rights, establish law and security, eradicate and fight corruption and terrorist cells in the society and different institutions, besides to pay attention to developing the natural and economic resources.
Many other issues in the new government's program wee focusing on well-studied studied policies and strategies to be implemented.
That program puts the new government face to face with great challenges and difficult tasks. To succeed in realizing all of the program goals or at least some of them is considered a big success and as an unusual step, as analysts and observers in Yemen think.
The Yemeni citizens see that the government program confirms that the problem does not lie in drawing up programs and plans but in the official tendency and preparation to implement and crystallize them in practice.
Most observers are of the opinion that security, economic issues and reforming of judiciary system are among topmost priorities of concern for the citizen in Yemen, and the government is required to meet.
The government is demanded to study financial indicators to achieve economic stability, control inflation rates and stability of the national currency. It has to establish convenient atmospheres to encourage local and foreign investments in a bid to accelerate human development.
Economists and observers see improvement of the people living conditions and fighting poverty in addition to tackling rate of population growth are basic and essential issues the government must deal with. All these require exerting much effort and time to be implemented.